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Financial Assistance


Financial assistance scheme


  1. MUIS provides short and long term financial relief to poor and needy Muslims in the form of monthly financial assistance whom by reasons of old age, illness, disability, low income or unfavourable family circumstances are unable to meet their basic needs.


  1. The grants for financial relief comes from Zakat fund allocated for asnaf Fakir Miskin, Gharimin and Reqab, as well as Fidyah fund for food vouchers.


  1. Applicants should first apply for national help at the Community Development Councils (CDC)


  1. Application is opened to poor and needy Muslims who are Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents who fall within the following categories:-


·        Single parent: widow or divorcee in need

·        Breadwinner in prison or DRC

·        Breadwinner or family members suffering from

                                - chronic illness

              - kidney failure

              - mental/physical disability

·        Guardians of disabled children/persons

·        Low income family


  1. Applications made at Al-Istighfar mosque are only opened to those residing within Pasir Ris area. For further enquiries, please contact Miss Juliana, Social Development Officer at 6426 7153.